Friday, February 17, 2017

Story Corps on NPR - must be Friday

To more fully experience history we leave the paved road for the historic Mojave Road.  We recall seeing a cartoon in the museum showing distressed American motorists peering out at the desert road from cars parked on paved road and eyeing Los Angeles across the deep sand.

Driving on the old Mojave Road we find the sand is perilously soft, but Q's 4WD manages well.  Many  jackrabbit sightings.  They are lean and fast.  Traveling 10 miles on the Old Mojave Road feels more like 200 miles.  We locate the old coral that indicates our turn towards the cinder cones.  Suddenly the road is firm - still a dirt road, but solid.  It is an old mining road.  How did people ever manage to cross the desert (especially in the typical vacation months of summer) in a Model A Ford or Willys Overland?

The cinder cone terrain is only just amazing and weird.  We briefly explore the lava tubes, but opt to establish our camp and return in the morning with headlamps, hiking boots, gloves.

From our high desert camp spot in Mojave we tune in NPR to check in with what might be happening in the world.  It is mostly very nice to be out of touch.  Possibly irresponsible, but nice.  Story Corps comes on and we exclaim "it must be Friday!"  Hello from the land of what-day-is-it-anyway?

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