Friday, February 17, 2017

Ghosts of the Past

We climb back into Quiggy and head west towards the wild road that may take us to the hot springs.  One of Ranger Bob's questions will remain with us.  "Are you the kind of people who know when it is time to turn around?  If yes, then i do think that you should try."

Nearing Panamint Springs and the turn north, we see a coyote couple working the intersection.  All of the park's rule statements make it clear that it isn't a good idea to feed the wildlife.  The friendly behavior of the two coyotes make it clear that their cuteness has paid off in the past.

The Panamint Valley is just too lovely to just drive through without stopping to explore.  This is where we will camp tonight.  There is a washboardy, rocky road going north past Lake Hill and up into the rocky alluvial fan at the base of Panamint Butte.  Just before Lake Hill we discovered the wrecks of two cars.  Photo op!

On to the end of the road.... We drive past the dunes hike and up one of those roads that Q loves - rocky steps.

Here we sleep.  Some data points: 72 degrees at Furnace Creek, probably more like 60 here on the alluvial fan.  The wind is mostly a sweet breeze but occasionally gusty enough to make me annoyed with hair that slaps my eyeballs.  This is why braiding was invented.  And hats.
Panamint Valley Sand Dunes - from our campsite

Amazing sunrise in Panamint Valley

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