Friday, February 10, 2017

Library is must be Monday

It isn't a long drive from the desert view tower to the Ocotillo Wells entrance to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.  We will again camp here before heading north to explore the Mojave desert.  We drive north on S-2 to Agua Caliente, a place that a number of people have recommended as a relaxing hot springs.  Springs, plural because there are pools that are 82, 98, and 102 degrees warm.  Although we aren't here long, the time in the hot mineral springs (98 and 102) is luxurious.

We travel from Agua Caliente to Montezuma Junction to catch 22 (S-22) east to see a new part of the park.  Just off mile marker 7 is a dirt road that promises great views of the desert and mountains.

It is surprising that 2-3 cars pass our camp as the sun is setting.  The road seems like one to discourage the family car.  The last truck to come up to the mountaintop is looking a little worn and tired.  It stops just behind Quiggy and the somewhat scraggly driver comes out to talk.  He is wearing a big smile. He stops, he tells us, just to let us know that the forecast is for near freezing.  

He tells us that we have selected one of his favorite places to camp, except that he is from Redondo Beach and the cold just doesn't suit him.  He more often camps here when he comes to visit friends in Borrego Springs during the summer months.
Our Agua Caliente wet swim suits dry in (chilly) desert air

We stop in Borrego Springs to make use of the library there.  Alas, the library is closed on Monday.  However, their wifi is alive and fast.  While doing a little research using the iPad for connection, we observe about 15 library patrons who arrive at the locked library door to exclaim "oh - it must be Monday!"  It is pretty cool to be around a population of people who don't need to be much aware of the day of the week or time of day.  

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