Friday, February 10, 2017

Diamond Jack's again

By the time we escape El Centro, the sun is nearly set.  We'll spend the night in Anza-Borrego Desert SP.  We're guessing that Blair Valley will be our overnight, but Alex spots a road off S-2 that looks intriguing.  Q goes along with each "I wonder what is over this rise, past this curve." We reach the ultimate big overlook perched on a peninsula of sand and rock with drops of about 300 feet in all directions except the road, of course.  What we overlook to the west-northwest is the Overland Stagecoach Route.  We see snow on mountaintops to the west.  To the east we see the lights of El Centro and the big wind farms capturing energy.

The dinner steaks are so delicious!  We compensate for meat intake with huge salads of baby kale.  And an amazing night's sleep follows in spite of the sound of helicopters overhead for much of the night.  The star show is again amazing.

Barrel Cactus in sunrise - photo by Alex

And the morning sunrise fills Q with pink-orange light.  Alex reminds me that it is because we forgot to open the roof vent and the windows are fogged, but really it is just so beautiful.

We set out early through Cajon Pass and note snow at 4,000 feet.  The sun is bright and the views are marvelous.  I call to check on the option of camping in town.  It is the same campground where we celebrated the Gigi's 100th birthday.  Yes, they have one spot left, but only if we have a vehicle that can back in.  Oh, yes, Q can back up very well.  Q is just a little van.  Is this a manufactured camper van or a custom do-it-yourself van conversion, because if it is one of those do-it-yourself conversions, we can't have you here.

We will return to Diamond Jack's where all kinds of weirdos are welcome.

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