Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Understanding Captain's Orders

We resolve to return to accomplish a high elevation camp at Mt Lemon next big trip.  For now we will head towards Gigi before starting towards Captain Tasha and home port.  Our base camp at Anza-Borrego Desert SP feels very much like home.  Showers, laundry, library, and grocery store are all in the neighborhood.  In the grocery store parking lot we meet Anne from San Diego who is driving & living in her Airstream van.   She sold her home, later gave up her apartment and now lives full time in her van.  Borrego Springs seems like just the place for her to consider as a semi-permanent residence.  She kindly offers to fill us in on all the best places to camp, shop, etc., but nods with understanding when we mention that ABDSP has become our go-to place on this journey with Q.

We've just settled into one of our favorite spots near Clark Lake (usually a dry lake bed) when we hear from Captain Tasha.  She mentions that we might consider returning to the Winslow Port sometime in the near future.

Somehow the suggestion of Winslow and the logical next port of Ann Arbor brings on an nearly irresistible desire for the fires of home.

We're coming Natasha!

The captain is at once gratified and puzzled by our sudden appearance.  "So you better not have damaged the Q in your haste for home."  I suggest that you consider returning to Winslow - and you interpret that as fly here?  Just as well i suppose.  Lorna still hasn't forgiven you for calling her Loreen, as if all grey and white kitties whose names start with L are interchangeable.

As we are boarding, Doug, Cousins Karen & Rick, the large black & white kitty, Lambert...and two dogs, Sassy & Sissy all come to see us sail away.  Though the Captain is high in Alex's arms, the energetic, well-intentioned and enthusiastic barking does little to soothe the anxiety provoked by earlier concerns for Q's condition..

The captain's pique soon passes.
She gives Q a quick check and authorizes the final push for home.

At home: Captain smiling in her sleep in front of the wood stove fire.  Perhaps dreaming about the next adventure?

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