Sunday, March 5, 2017

It is a Pleasantly Civilized Lake

Taking a break from desert wilderness, we spend 3 days with Alex's siblings in Phoenix.  We're still desert camping.  It is just a bit closer to civilization.  We camp at Lake Pleasant - a human-made lake north of the Phoenix area.  The lake originally formed in 1927 with the Waddell Dam on the Agua Fria River, but that dam is long submerged under the new Waddell Dam (1994) and contributions from the Colorado R.  The park is on the border between Maricopa and Yavapai counties north of Phoenix.

Q's favorite spot is a primitive one right next to the lake.  Balloonists and gliders add some interesting action to the sky.

During our hike to Waterfall Canyon in White Tank Mtns, Ann collects photos of all 4 couples in front of a variety of desert landscapes.

My goal is to get one of Alex with his big sister, Rita.  Their height difference is not quite a foot.  It is fun seeing the same sky-blue eyes, strong cheek bones, and lithe legs on all the siblings, but especially these two.

Rita and i discover common reading habits.  She sends us off with some of her favs.  New to me and a very enjoyable read: Susan Henry, an author who writes stories set in wild Alaska.

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