Friday, January 20, 2017

Desert Dessert

I've been straining the brain to think of a way to justify the inadvertent substitution of dessert for desert in the last post.  It's just that this big desert exploration is dessert after years of work?
The holiday weekend reminds us that there are people still working hard for a living - and making the most of days off.  As the long weekend ends, we're happy to resume random exploring.

To get to Blair Valley in ABDSP (Anza-Borrego Desert State Park) Q takes us south out of Borrego Springs and then west out of the park.  We return to Scissors Crossing to turn south and east towards Blair Valley.  The out-the-window views seem to have changed since our last trip on this road.  Even the small amount of rain has brought out the green that is probably always ready to sprout.  The colors of the desert are surprising.

This is our campsite for the night.  It is wild.  While we are settling in, a coyote strolls around in front of Q and off up the hillside heading north.  The coyote is backlit by the setting sun and looks healthy and strong.  

In the morning Alex greets dreadlocked, serape draped, barefooted runner guy.  They wish each other a fine day.  I miss this exchange and still have a mind full of beautiful coyote.  This all to explain why when dreadlocked, serape draped, barefooted runner guy's big dog wanders into our camp, i shout out to Alex that there is a coyote approaching our camp.  In fact he is coming straight to me!

All my nature savvy credibility is now destroyed forever.  I doubt I'll be trusted to identify a barrel cactus.

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