Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Boquillas Canyon

Dec 21
Before we head west towards Ocotillo Grove, we drive to see Boquillas Canyon.  The overlook is stunning, so we do the hike to the canyon entrance.  The park regs say that we can't purchase the artwork offered by Mexicanos who have crossed the river to sell.  But Alex's contribution to Cantador Jesus, is rewarded with Feliz Navidad, and several other rather sincerely loud songs the memory of which cannot be confiscated as we stop at border patrol stations.  Jesus has a powerful and lovely singing voice.

The drive along the Ross Maxwell Scenic Road is all that.  There is a mix of ash and molten rock formations that is contrasty.  Dark lava formations and huge mounds originally formed by ash.

On our way to Ocotillo Grove (OG 1) we stop by to view the Rio Grande just after it emerges from Santa Elena Canyon.

Anticipation of another incredible night sky.... we are so far from city lights that we can spot a few other campsites that must be miles and miles away.  Coyotes sing in the night, but they also sound far  distant.

Steak on the grill, potatoes and peppers sautéing - on top of a convenient bear box.

In the morning we hike up the hill just south of our camp to get a view of Santa Elena canyon. A look back at Q (small white dot in photo below) Q appears tiny in the huge landscape of Big Bend.
Q as tiny white dot near the center of photo.
Santa Elena canyon from more westerly view point.

A jack rabbit who is also out early this morning.

We exit Big Bend Natl Park by way of Old Maverick Rd and see new vistas of the Chisos Mtns.  And we pause to appreciate the Jacal (hah - KAHL) built by Gilberto Luna circa 1837 - and where he lived until 1947 when he died at age 108.

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