Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Ernst Teneja

Dec 20
It is the penultimate long night of the year.  How does a stalwart Q end up serving as clothes-line posts?
Clothesline stretches from front to back of camper van to dry swimsuits.
On our way through Big Bend driving towards the Old Ore Rd and Ernst Teneja, we stop by the hot spring and Rio Grande Village.  The showers are tempting but at $2 for 5 minutes, we opt to remain a little silty from the spring.  The Rio Grande runs muddy (behind the hot springs in the photo).  Mexico is just across the river.

Teneja means earthen jar.  The hike from our camp to the teneja is ~1/2 mile.  And it is a lovely start to the day.  At dawn it is 45 outside and 55 inside, but the sun is quickly warming everything.  No need for the heater today.
Looking east towards the Chisos Mtns

The teneja

As we leave Ernst Teneja camp, we spot a Peregrine falcon perched on a yucca.  Here is a fine yucca without falcon spotted on our hike.

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