Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Pine Hills and Trail of Tears

Dec 10th
Lat 37 30' 55"
Lon 089 25'21"
La Rue Pine Hills campground
$5 with National Parks pass - this campground is along the Trail of Tears in southern MO.

Dark of night by 6 pm; when darkness descended we were 100% charged from solar, so freely used inside lights for settling in.  There was growing daylight by 6:40am when hunters' shots began.  48 degrees inside Quigley and 42 outside.

Captain Tasha makes midnight rounds touching noses and whispering meows.  Our schedule: wake up, drink coffee, drive.

Dec 11th
Mississippi R crossing at Cape Girardeau; west to Poplar Bluff, MO before turning south to meander through the Ozark Mtns of Arkansas to land in the land of our sweet Ruby matriarch.

WTF: Billboard that seems an attempt to disinvite us saying "Diversity is code for white genocide."  But one soon after saying "Diversity is Salvation."
Captain while still under the influence, attempts to take over the helm.

Discovery: It is unreasonably stressful to drive miles on winding mountain roads in heavy overcast and then arrive in the thick of city traffic after dark.

Dec 12
Captain discovers more of her own kind ruling here near Devil's Den.  Middle of the night conversations and paw playing under the door.  Larry is a large marmalade-colored, friendly cat who shares Marilyn & Doug's house.  The other kitty whose manners allow her to be indoors is Lorna, who is short-haired grey & white.  It is shy Lorna who is most likely to befriend and support cautious Capt Tasha.

Monday brings the pleasure of sharing Winslow Extension Club: fine homemade dishes, storytelling, gifts exchanged (the club members paint, knit, quilt - and share). Just outside the window is wildlife.


  1. Billboard, WTF: One of the reasons we are taking the train.

  2. Love love love! Watch out for the impaired Captain.

  3. Oh, this is awesome! I've bookmarked...now I just have to remember to look regularly (or at least catch up). Definitely remind me by posting on FB once in a while. :D I can't wait to see you all in just a few weeks!!

  4. Meow! Captain Tasha says she wants to see Janette. Don't leave me in Arkansas.