Saturday, May 19, 2018

Conspicuous Monuments to Disappointment


On our way south seeking warmth we snag the opportunity to drive a favorite but often closed entry into Death Valley.  Titus Canyon is a deep, winding, one-way dirt road that closes when rain turns parts of the road to mud sufficient to block the canyon.

Titus Canyon became a favorite entrance ~10 years ago.  We traveled into Death Valley in a rented yellow jeep (video below).  

Quiggy takes it slowly.
About mid-way through the canyon widens a bit and shows off lush green.  Lush green shows off bird song.  Here there are petroglyphs that we missed our first trip through Titus Canyon.  

There is a spring here that the kiosk tells us produces 20 gal/minute.  The Titus canyon fault far underground brings the water to the surface.  The petroglyphs grew around the water source.  Or, perhaps the petroglyphs drew the water?

While it is tempting to linger in Death Valley, the camping options are limited to congested organized campgrounds.  We meander towards the southeast exit finding old mining ruins labeled by the writer of the info on the kiosk as a “conspicuous monument to disappointment”.  

The mining and processing operation changed hands multiple times - including a sale to a Hungarian count. The mine didn’t produce nearly as much money as invested by various owners.

So satisfying at the end of a day of exploring to find a fine remote and scenic place to camp.  No disappointment here.

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