Sunday, December 8, 2019

Travels with Quigley

Road to Ruins: September-October 2019

We traveled this fall with the addition of a signal booster to make connection easier/better. It worked somewhat, sometimes.  It is in reality an improvement. And yet this is blog-catch-up from home.  Sometimes it is best to neglect details and dive into the fun.

It's December so for context consider Sept - Oct of 2019.  Early snow in the north and less than usual rain in the southwest.  Muddy and dusty everywhere we traveled.

In blog comments that follow, Q = Quigley. There is a company in PA that does 4-wheel drive installations/conversions on ordinary work vans to allow people to convert them into camper-vans that can go almost anywhere.  In this photo Q is camped in the hills above the Extraterrestrial Highway in Area 51.

Do you remember Harvey Korman’s character in Blazing Saddles? He had to keep reminding people that his name is Hedley not Heddy. So we call Quigley, Quiggy just to remember the silliness of Blazing Saddles. And because it is so urgent to return to having fun, Quiggy is often shortened to Q.

Q has solar panels on top, so we have more than enough power for lights, refrigerator, etc., when we are on the road. And last summer when a big storm knocked out power at home, Alex ran an extension cord from the van to the house. I mention that only because it is funny. There wasn’t really anything that was urgent, it was just because we could.

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