Sunday, September 9, 2018

From Hannibal to Alpine Loop Fall 2018

It’s Tuesday & we’re off at 9:10 am, 10 minutes behind our so-called schedule. We say “oh well” as we head west through MI, IN, IL, and into MO. Our first night destination is Hannibal MO, but we continue on to a campground near Macon - the Long Branch State Park. It is remarkable to see the park so clean after the long Labor Day weekend.

It is hot (80+ degrees) with a forecast for 73 near 4 am. We select site #70 with an electrical hook up so that we can use fans and give the solar storage batteries a rest, running the refrigerator off camp power. It lets us use our little fan too.

[Saturday] It is now day 5 of this trip. In the meantime we drove across Kansas and into Colorado finding the Bonny Lake campground gone. The only guests were hungry mosquitos and goat head stickers. A KOA experience is our lot. The tenting part of the campground is pretty quiet.

After a couple of days checking up on some feisty old relatives (only slightly older than we are), we head for the Rocky Mtns. Our camp is Lottes Creek Camp which we reach via Cumberland Pass. Letting a little air out of the tires makes the bumpy dirt-rocky road just fine.

Colorado Rocky Mt. blue sky

[Sunday] Today we drive through Gunnison and then south to find the Alpine Loop Road. The drive is as beautiful as you imagine.

The campsite views along the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River are stunning.

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