Sunday, January 5, 2020

Hot Lava - thoughts to warm us

[Sept-Oct 2019 Travelogue]

It is raining.   We select our stop for the night because it will be easy.  It is Craters of the Moon National Monument in southern Idaho.  Astronauts train here, but the park was established in 1924, so that is not likely the origin of its name.  It is huge, this national monument of lava, covering about 110,000 sq miles.  When we are within range, Alex begins singing Hot Lava.  He is the best DJ in the land. Hot lava!  

Snow-topped cone in the distance

At the visitors center we discover that this is a young lava bed - at only 2,000 years old.  Seems like a good place to be in rain/snow.

Because it is raining  (scattered showers), Alex puts up our tarp. Once the tarp is up, we don’t want to undo it to take Q around the park, so we ride the 8 mile loop on our bikes, stopping to hike the trails and explore lava tubes.

Our site is #42 seen in first photo.
Elevation changes make every site private.
 The campground fills up while we are out.  Campers seem to tour the campground looking for their favorite site before settling in.  It is the Lava Flow Campground by name.  Keep it chill.  Park your RV and get outside to explore.  Now.

I recommend the strategy of taking bikes around the loop and allowing the day for hiking all over cinder cones.  The views are astounding.

Peaceful sight at the site of once violent volcanic activity

And the downhill ride back to the campground is exhilarating.  On fat tire bikes riding with arms extended like wings it feels like flying.

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