Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Horse Thief Redux


Returning to the BLM Horse Thief Campground is sweet. 

It is a big clear sky as we go gaga over the sunset. At one point we see Venus in the west and Jupiter, Saturn, and Mars in an arc across the dark sky.  And gazillions of stars.

Here's a benefit of tiny house living.  A middle off the night trip to the vault is prime opportunity for meteor sighting.  Whoosh.

We have 2 days until our next camp reservation inside Canyonlands.  When you go, start the campsite reservation process a full 4 months and you might get your favorite backcountry spot.

Ah well.  Horse Thief is a really lovely spot to spend some time.  We'll resupply and do a little maintenance work on the Q.

Quig is well equipped with a pull-out drawer under the pillow end of the bed.  The back doors open and the drawer pulls out.  Here Alex prepares to tighten all the bolts that hold Q's top rack in place. 

The Island in the Sky mesa in Canyonlands National Park is the most visited part of the park.  Paved roads and lots of pull-outs, hikes, and amazing views make this an efficient way to see the park.

The views are big and small.  Alex captures a snake or lizard trail in the soft sand.

And he manages a photo of Mesa Arch that nicely captures its beauty - and makes it look like no one else was there.  He waited a while for the shot.

It is 90 degrees of warmth for this 2 mile hike to Grand View Point. At several points we thought we could see the convergence of the Colorado and Green Rivers.  We may not have been high enough to confirm our view. 

We find a scrap of shade for a rest mid-point.

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